This is sure to be a controversial subject with Basketball purists. 11 foot basketball hoops. What do you think? Are the hoops too low? Is it too easy now for the top players in the world to play on 10 feet baskets? Would team play improve if the hoops were raised? What other questions arise?

The purpose of this page is to start the ball rolling and give you the reader the opportunity to weigh in and give your opinion about whether baskets should be raised from the current 10 feet to 11 feet off the ground.

Last June I was fortunate to be involved in a game last June in Seattle where they actually played a game on 11 foot high hoops. I helped with video analysis. It was quite interesting to watch that game.

The game was the brain child of two great Northwest Coaches. Coach Tom Newell and Coach Ernie Woods put the idea together and asked what would happen if we did this experiment?