New York is a huge state for the game of basketball. There have been a ton of former and current NBA players that were born and raised in the state of New York, 352 to be exact. Its hard to say one player had a better career then the next, but this is a list of the greatest players that are full bred in New York.

1. Julius Erving:
Erving was born in East Meadow, NY in 1950. Attended high school at the historic Roosevelt high school. Julius went on to have a 14 year playing career, in which time he played for the New York Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers. The high flying athletic wing player always played above the rim which always pleased the New York crowd.

2. Bernard King:
King was born In Brooklyn, New York in late 1956, and attended Fort Hamilton high school. Drafted by the New York Nets in 1977 only to be moved to New Jersey two months later when the team was relocated and became the New Jersey Nets. He Played 16 years in the NBA for 6 different teams, the nets , jazz, warriors, bullets, and most notable the Knicks.

3. Stephon Marbury:
Born in Brooklyn New York, Marbury attended Lincoln high school. Where in his senior year he was awarded New York State Mr. Basketball. He played 13 seasons in the NBA with the T-Wolves, Nets, Suns, and Knicks. He also played his past 8 seasons in China. Being in China Marbury reinvented his career and outgrew his “troublesome” reputation.

4. Chris Mullin:
Also being born in Brooklyn, Chris first attended Power Memorial academy before transferring to Xaverian high school his junior year. Mullin was also awarded New York state Mr. Basketball his senior year. He spent 16 years in the NBA, 12 of which were played for the Golden state Warriors. Mullin was part of RUN TMC, which was made up of Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and Mitch Richmond. This Trio is the reason for most of the Bay area excitement of the 90’s.

5. Rod Strickland:
Rod Was Born in the Bronx, New York where he attended Truman high school before leaving New York his senior year to attend the famous Oak Hill high school in Virginia. In his 17 year NBA run Rod played for 10 different NBA teams starting with the Knicks and ending with the Rockets. He was inducted in the New York Basketball Hall of Fame in September of 2008.

6. Ron Artest:
Artest was born in the Queensbridge project in Queens, New York. Ron had a tough childhood growing up, as he watched first hand as a player he was playing with was stabbed threw the heart on the court in 1991 in a YMCA sanctioned basketball tournament. He attended La Salle Academy in New York, New York, and went on to have a 18 year NBA stretch. Today he is a developmental coach for the South Bay Lakers, The LA Lakers G league affiliate.

7. God Shammgod:
Born in Manhattan, New York he was formally known as Shammgod Wells. He was given his nickname for the ball handling move he invented and used the most “the shammgod”. Shamm was also a teammate of Ron Artest for his time at La Salle Academy. He eventually played 2 years in the NBA and went on to spend another 10 years playing outside the NBA. To this day Shamm is a icon and help mold the game of basketball to where it is today.

Honorable mentions:
Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York , the only reason he did not make the list is because he moved to North Carolina when he was only a toodler.
Carmelo Anthony, Lance Stephenson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kenny smith, and Donovan Mitchell are also all from the great state of New York and will all be indited to the New York basketball hall of fame if they haven’t been already.