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Tips For Running a Youth Basketball Camp By Breakthrough Basketball

In most cases, motivating your youth players is very easy. For young kids, the most important thing to remember is that they are there to have fun. However, dealing with youth can be challenging. You must make sure that you are organized and have a daily plan in order to keep things moving efficiently. Just remember that kids love to be active. Make sure to allow your campers plenty of time to move around and get the most out of their experience. Below are some ideas for running an effective youth camp.

Keep lectures short: In order to keep your campers focused, aim for under two minute talks with your group. Youth athletes are more interested in having fun, and improving their game as opposed to getting lectured the whole camp.

Keep drills short and fun: Kids tend to have a short attention span and can become easily distracted. With that being known, make sure half court drills do not exceed five minutes, and full court drills stay under 10 minutes. Running the same drill for too long will become tedious, and the drill will lose value.

Clap method: The clap method is a great technique for getting your campers attention. At the beginning of camp, explain to your campers how you plan on getting their attention. Tell them that every time you clap, they need to respond with the same number of claps. For example, if you clap twice, expect your campers to clap twice as well. Also, make sure that the kids know what is expected of them after clapping. If you want your kids to stop what they are doing and listen after clapping, let it be known to them beforehand. This is a much better alternative to yelling!

Line method: Whether you have a small group or a large group, the line method is very useful. Start by assigning all of your campers to a certain line in the gym. Depending on the size of your group, you may place your campers in five lines of six, three lines or three, or whatever works best for your location. Whenever you blow the whistle, yell “lines!” Which ever team is able to line up properly and sit down first, wins. Congratulate the winning team by praising them with a high-five or fist-pound. Also, be sure to inspire the losing team to keep working on their speed in order to keep them motivated.

Treats: You may want to reward your campers with treats at the end of a long day of basketball camp. The treats could be anything, just make sure you are aware of the kids with allergies. This does not have to be everyday, depending on the length of your camp. If the kids know that they will receive a treat after camp, it may motivate them to work hard all day.Treats are a great way to honor the campers hard work.

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