If you need an inexpensive Basketball Coaching Boards I urge you to check these out. The company is based out of Turkey and when I was there in 2010 to run a Basketball Camp I met the owner, Seyfi Kustimur.

Here is the link to their site where you can find great Basketball Coaching Boards and other really sweet products for Coaches.

You can view the site in English if yo use the Chrome Browser. Get that here if you need it: www.google.com/chrome/

Basketball and Court

Seyfi Kustimur is the owner and he is a great man. He has long been involved with Basketball in the Ankara, Turkey area and I highly recommend their Basketball Coaching Boards.

Here are some of the options you can get from them.

basketball Coaching Boards basketball Coaching Boards

They were kind enough to send me some sample Boards and I love them. They come in different sizes and board strength quality so be aware of that. The prices are fantastic even when shipping is added. The shipping costs are not expensive as the boards are light and small.

basketball Coaching Boards basketball Coaching Boards

The boards I received looked like this and I have included the prices they would have cost, including shipping.

The Boards come in 3 types of quality and they are called Floreks, DWP and G Boards.

You can also get 2 different sizes, 40 x 27 cm and 34 x 24 cm.

Alternative sizes can be custom ordered for a small extra cost.

The Board prices include your choice to basically customize it however you wish.

basketball Coaching Boards basketball Coaching Boards

Most other sports are also available such as soccer, handball, volleyball, etc.

You can place your order through Planet Hoops.