Hoops(cause I always want to play ball)

by Anthony Flynn
(Jefferson, Arkansas, USA)

My Story

Im a 6’2 guard. I always give 115 percent. I will be the first one on the court, and the last one off it. Basketball is my PASSION. I love to control the floor. To get open looks for the rest of the team. As for myself.

For instance if I have an open 3, and there is a teammate under the basket open. I will pass it to him. I live in Jefferson, Arkansas. I really hope you consider using me I won’t let you down not one day. The team always comes first.

baby dirk nowitski

by gerald duffy
(abbeville la usa)

HELLO my name is gerald duffy im from lafayette la im 6
‘4 250 pounds im a dominant small forward i averaged 20 points 11.3 rebs 6.5 steals 4.7 assist a game in high school i attended abbevile high school in abbeville la i also attended university of louisana of lafayette i was enrolled fa the criminal justice department i also played intermere basketball n flag football thats the only close play ta basketball fa me im also an dominant defender when it comes down ta clucth play im an excellent perimeter shooter loves ta play in the paint with the big boys i can also play thru contact actually i love contact im a team player very very well coached pays excellent attention hope i can fit ur roster thanks


Playing Overseas Basketball.

by Terance White
(Baton Rouge)



My name is Terance White I’m 18 and standing at 6’5 I want to know how could I play overseas basketball without playing college basketball?

Comments for Playing Overseas Basketball.

Sep 24, 2014
Be realistic-no chance
by: Anonymous

You pretty much cannot do it Terance. Sorry.

Playing overseas in china

by Ronald Varnell Moore
(Memphis, TN, USA)

Hi my name is Ronald Moore I’m 19 standing at 6’3 point guard. I was wondering how can I play CBA. I’m everything you could want out of an point guard.


by jason hendrix

i played ball in juco im a really good shooter and i think i can compete with any person or player in the world.

My Life

by Raheem Knight
(Greenillve NC)

high school Christmas tournament

high school Christmas tournament

Hey coach my name is raheem knight i;m from North Carolina just finished my senior year trying to start something new because it was to late for me to tryout for the community college team. so i’m here to talk and try to see what i need to do to be on any team.

I always wanted to make my family happy for playing basketball or any other sports but i rather ball. I never won an championship in no level of sports, I always failed that’s why i try to make myself better…

Unsigned wonder

by anthoni chiaka
(Owerri imo nigeria)

I have been playing hoops since I was 9 although the game is still growing in my country nigeria. I have played at all levels but never in a pro league. I know I have what it takes to play pro am just looking for the chance to do so. Please hook me up. You will be glad you did

a hard way coming

by kenneth melvin
(gretna,florida,unied states)


Declaring for the NBA Draft or NBA Free Agency

by Alfonzo Pratt
(South Point, Ohio )

My name is Alfonzo Pratt, I was offered a scholarship from Thomasville Prep(NC) last summer and also I am currently being recruited and I have been invited to workout this
summer at Spire Academy in Geneva, Ohio. I recently participated in the Hidden Gems Showcase on March. 16, 2014 at Thomas Worthington High School in Columbus, Ohio. I was invited to participate in the 2013 United World Games. I participated in the Dirt Bowl Pro Am in Lexington, Kentucky and also I participated in the National Guard 3on 3 Basketball Tournament in Morgantown, WVA in 2012. I walked on at West Virginia University in 2012-13. My. next event will be at the Ricky Taylor International Pro Camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 26, 2014. I am looking to get picked. up in the draft, sign a free agent contract or play in a overseas league. I am friends with Jabari Parker on Facebook.

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Jun 01, 2014

nba need him
by: Patrick Pratt

He has A1 game good hard worker come on nba it teams with players that don’t have no game Mr Pratt is the man

Hoop Dreams

by Brett Young
(Pittsburgh, Pa,United States)

Hi my name is Brett Young and I currently play professional ball for an aba team called the Steel City Yellow Jackets located in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. I want to have an oppurtunity to play overseas and have that experience as a young man. I am 24 years old and been playing competitive basketball since i was 15 years old. Guard/Forward is the position i play and i am 6ft 5in. I played high school basketball averaging 19pts and 11rebs per game, Played college basketball averaging 12pts and 8rebs per game. If you go on Brett Young IMG Academy, it will show you 4 minutes of my highlight performance. i can shoot,dribble, and rebound. I have an overall game so im an inside/outside type of player. If you are interested, you can contact me at 412-609-3639.

Young Mature point Guard in need of a team. 22nd ranked in the nation in college

by lee vazquez
(jameburg N,J USA)

I am a point guard and highly overlooked because of my height, but my game is where it I separate from the rest. My name is Lee Vazquez I am entering my senior year of college at Westfield State University and I am 15 points away from my 1000th career point. I scored 577 points this year, was as high as the number 7 scorer in the nation at 27.8 ppg and finished 22nd at 21.4 ppg. I was 2nd in the nation in steals , along with these national accolades i led my conference in points 577, 3’s made at 72 shooting 42% from behind the arc, steals 105 and also with the scoring title 2nd in assists at 109, also adding 125 rebounds at my 5’8 frame. I had interviews with puertorican radio analyst Jossie Alverado on my upcoming interest on playing in the puertorican professional league and I am working out hard this summer to try and get on a team and be ready if selected and start my career now if I could. We lost in the semi finals had an overall record of 16-11 and even though this upcoming senior year is going to be a big one for me I know I could be a great addition to a team now. I have a few links for my resume if these will maybe help convince any coaches. I have good recommendations from the head coach Rich Sutter here at Westfield State University and former players that have played overseas in Russia Trent Forbs , Parfait Bitte currently plays in France and Kyle Ivy Jones who played in England and had a short extension with the New York Knicks.

Here is write up of my season http://www.westfieldstateowls.com/news/2012/2/15/MBB_0215122142.aspx

Here are a couple videos also 1st one is an interview. 2nd is a highlight film from my year.

complete my dreams

by marciss

All my life i want to a champion … i feel this is my chance to complete my dreams

Ball till i die!

by Ryan cooper
(Redford, Mi)

hi im ryan im 21 yrs old 6’3″ 200lbs, i gaurantee im the fastest person on any court i can blow by anybody with my first step i love to go to the rim and i love to shoot and im very good at it and i can defend a 1,2 or 3 and i play pg/sg i breathe eat n sleep basketball its not just a game its MY LIFE!

A Diamond in the Dirt…

Hey eveyone just informing this web site that their is this one kid that you need check Christopher Todd 6″1 or 6″2 SG/PG weight around 175. Ibs. He told me his hometown is Peoria, IL (US). when we was converting. Christopher is a Very bright kid. Has a great head on his shoulders very down to earth kid knows a lot about the game .” Humble” on and off the court.

As of right now he still attend IIllinois Central College. I Seen Christopher play many time’s in High school, River Plex , Proctor Center, Y.M.C.A. Chris is one of them type of player that is mold just like Nate Robinson (Golden State) With a quick first step.

he’s an undersized 2-guard with astounding athleticism and an improved perimeter game. He excels in transition and is tough to stop due to his bounce and quickness. He competes each and every possession and is just relentless the whole.

Also Chris is a rock solid lead guard that understands the game and makes excellent decisions with the ball. Chris is also a great defence player has some “1 on 1 lockdown” defence and play the weak side help great.

Contact Information:
(309) 922-9221

Just a young kid on a mission-Basketball

by Jamion simpson
(Mcdonough Ga)

Elite 100 showcase

Elite 100 showcase

Future150 camp top 20 all star game
High school slam off
High School slam off

My name i Jamion “jay jay” Simpson i am 18 years old a senior at patrick henry academy & im from Bridgeport Connecticut 5’10 PG but a SG at heart. im a speedster on the court & i can jump with the big guys i am a aggressive player on the mold of John Wall . i do not play high school ball in my senior campaign but i do play for 2 rec leagues & a college rec league here are some of my achievements
09-10 state champion (28-0)
09-10 sophmore of the year (22.0 ppg)
09-10 fciac champion
10-11 student athlete of the year
11-12 state champion
11-12 MVP

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Jan 16, 2015
I saved your life
by: Hector Atanacio

You was choking on a tortilla chip and I saved you..

My Time Will Come-Basketball

by Derwin
(Memphis, TN)

When I first start playing basketball I was 5 i use to stay outside until the street lights came on. When I get in to eat there wasnt very much because we were por and my mother didnt have a job, but i still stayed strong and kept all my confindence and never stop loving her til this day. My mother was a hard working lady and made sure we had something to eat. When i turned 14 that was my first time playing for a school. i was uin the 6th grade and i played for vance middle school. I didnt start but iwas 6th man. i averaged about 6 points 4 rebounds and maybe 1 asisst a game. I thought that was good for a 6th grader. My 7th grade year i came back playing really good. i improved from over my 6th grade summer. got hurt my 8th grade year so i sat out for the season. While i was sitting out from being injured i just picked back up on my studies and graduated from my middle school top of the class. My 9th grade year we had a great team we had like a big 3 i’ll never forget that year. I averaged like 19 points 7 rebounds and like 4 asisst per game. We made it very far and lost at state 2nd round. We were 19-3. My 10th grade year i had lots of friends my lifee was kind od cool because i was playing VARSITY. I was having fun practicing with then until game time came. I thought i was ready but iwas i was getting my shots blocked i was fouling bnecause iwas nerves but i still scored like 4 points 5 rebounds and 3 asisst per game. I couldnt believe i was starting Varsity. We also went to sate in lost in the first round. That was a good experience for me because i know what i want my upcoming junior year as in 11th grade. I WANT THAT GOLD BALL.

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Sep 18, 2012
by: Kevin Durant

Your day will come kid, just continue doing what you do best and remember GOD is the key to sucess and Knowledge is POWER.

All I need is a chance-Basketball

by Tyler Bullock
(Omaha NE USA)

My name is Tyler Bullock and this is my 2nd year out of college and I am looking for a team to sign on with, and I was recently contacted by Derrick Palmer regarding a possible opportunity. I am a 6’2” point/shooting guard with athleticism. I most recently played in the PBL in the United States (which was my first time playing professional ball out of college)  and I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2011. I have provided two short high light tapes. The first one is from my most recent college days and the second from the PBL league I mentioned earlier. Also I have included a full game film (the times that I was in the game) from my past season in the PBL and a complete game from college. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for a position on your team.

College Highlight 2011:


College Game 2011 (in 5 parts)

Part 1: youtube.com/watch?v=ojD4MqacB6E

Part 2: youtube.com/watch?v=i0WKyHXiNPc

Part 3: youtube.com/watch?v=6DRJa_NWRVM

Part 4: youtube.com/watch?v=jEjNt0-zwnU

Part 5: youtube.com/watch?v=By8jpJBgnRM

PBL Highlight 2012:


Alley-Oop vs Rochester (with the away commentator)


PBL Game Film 2012:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Born to Ball.. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!

by Jamier Bush
(Landover MD)

My name is Jamier Bush, A 6’3 185lbs pg/sg. I currently play Professional Basketball in the ABA but looking forwarded in pursuing my basketball career overseas. Everyone can score rebound and pass the ball. It’s the small things that I contribute to a basketball team such as being a leader and taking or giving constructive criticism. I take my job seriously and I enjoy giving back to the community. my favorite slogan is —->>> NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!!!

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Mar 09, 2012
The Truth
by: Coach

keep balling.. I’ve heard about you young man….

I just need an opportunity!!! PLEASE!!!

by Bernard Fisher
(Houston Texas USA )


My name is Bernard Fisher and I am a 6’1 guard. I play hard nose defense, I run the offense well, I shoot extremely well, I create shots for others and have fun doing it, I can play this game and with the right guidance and coaching I feel I can play at the highest level. I’ve played for a few local community colleges for two season but noting ever came from that I guess I the teams I played for wasn’t getting much exposure. I’ve had 5 30 point game a few games with over ten assist and I averaged 3 steals per game. I have all my college eligibility to play and would love to play for a university. I would also love a chance to play overseas and would do well if the opportunity was given. I can help your program while you are helping me follow my dreams. Please give me a chance and I promise you I will do any and everything in my power to help your program win!!! You can contact me at 832-767-7559. Thank you and God Bless!

Playing overseas

by Adonis green
(U.S Atlanta georgia )

I would love to experience playing basketball overseas to become a better player and learn more about the game. I’m a 6’7 small forward that knows just enough about the game but would love to know more and become a better player ,become more dominant on the court. I will love to learn more stuff about this game of basketball .

Emmanuel Ocampo Basketball Review

by Emmanuel Ocampo

I started playing basketball at the age of 10.since then I been great however players tend to get jealous of my skill level.

but Im not here to brag my email is EmmanuelOcampo23@Gmail.com.

my address:Queens,Laurelton,NY.

Thank You

Emmanuel Ocampo

Desire and hard work

by chris slaw
(Decatur, Illinois, USA)

my hard work and desire for this is more than anyother i would do anything to have that ball in my hands coming down the court and doing all that i could to win the game for my team. I come from a town where basketball is all that we do down here. Also u played basketball for my high school but only for two years my freshman and sophmore year, and sophmore year i played varsity, my junior and senior years in high school i didnt play because my mom was going threw sime trouble times which made me get A job and then i had to go to school do work and then go to work after school. but still when i found time i always played basketball. Coach was begging me to come back but i had to provide for my sick mother, she is doing good now she suffered from a heart attack and when she did it put me in a dark part of my life because i was young and my mom is like super woman to me. Ever since then i stayed in shape kept workingout and playing basketball i think now is the best time for me to showcase my talent and show the overseas what i have in store for them, my ultimate goal is the NBA but until then overseas will do the trick i will never let down and never ever let someone over whelm me i have a goal to finish and i want to provide for my mom and my girlfriend brittany i really want to give this my all and this is my chance to do so. Please i am begging give me this chance and i promise that i will never let you down i got to much to prove

Comments for Desire and hard work

Mar 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

dude you sound like you are very dedicated to what you do

Born to ball

by Douglas Rogers
(Greensboro, Nc)

Hey my name is Douglas Rogers and I’m looking to play over seas I’m 5’11 and ready to ball whenever and wherever pls contact me at 336-324-4003 I really need these and want this bad as ever..

i m a really good player that can play ball

by Raysean Garrett
(las Vegas NV)

I’m from on Vegas and love ball and played college ball

Ambitious Mind

by TaChandrae’ Anthony-Turner
(Milwaukee, WI)

My name is TaChandrae’ Anthony-Turner and I am a 20 year old, 5’6″ 130 pound guard from Milwaukee, WI. In high school I played a mixture of point guard and shooting guard. I am a driver, a shooter, and I’m able to play the post. I have played at 2 different community colleges. I have struggled with my academics over the past couple years but I believe this will be a great opportunity for me and I am willing to work as hard as I can to get there.

Comments for Ambitious Mind

Feb 05, 2012
by: DAN

I am a college coach in Vancouver Canada at Kwantlen University. Contact me if you are interested in playing ball in Canada and we can talk further.

Name: Coach Dan
Phone: 604-808-1487
email: wbasketball@kwantlen.ca

My Nick Name is Sephjoe

by Chuma Joseph

my name is Chuma Joseph I am a 7’2 235 – 98kilos, i dont talk much, i do belive in action please do call me +918860775364 or email me sephjoecee@live.co.za

Comments for My Nick Name is Sephjoe

Sep 03, 2015
by: Nellie W. Skalski

7 foot 2? Oh my!!! That is unbelievable and you can certainly rock the sport of basketball with your height advantage.

May 13, 2012
Pro Basketball Invite
by: Anonymous

We want to invite you to our Pro Camp. 40 jobs available. www.probasketballshowcase.com (866) 875-9091. Spots are very limited

Living A Dream

by Rickie Jackson
(Columbia, SC)

Rickie Jackson Basketball

Rickie Jackson Basketball

My name is Rickie Jackson, my dream has always been to play professional basketball. I’ve played college basketball at Benedict and won 2 conference and tournament championships, while making the all tournament team for my 3 point arsenal. I’m a devoted Christian and I believe that God has something big in store for my life. I believe my goal is to bless people with my basketball abilities but also with the way I carry myself as a young African American male. I stand up for what’s right, and I stand strong on my values. I believe that If I continue to keep God first then everything else will fall into place. I’m looking for an opportunity to live out my dream and to show how great of a asset I can be on and off the court. God Bless and hope to hear from you all soon.

Rickie Jackson

For Basketball-I really need your help-anyone

by mubaric amadu

hi am mubaric amadu from Ghana a basketball player am 6’4 inches i can play 1,2, and the 3.basketball is my dream i always dream of playing in a big team.

i think,talk,dream basketball everyday.if anyone want to help me achieve my dreams this my e-mail address amubaric@yahoo.com and my number +233247801625.

Wanting to play for an overseas team.

by Kevin
(Atlanta,GA USA)

My name is Kevin in from Atlanta ,GA Im a 6’2 point guard/shooting guard I weigh 200 pounds very long and athletic im 26 years old.I have good fundamentals and knowledge of the game.Please contact me my email is kg2152@Yahoo.com

Saviour of a team

by damalie-segbedzi michael


Michael is my name from Ghana , 6’0 exactly, can drive, shoot ,slam , great passer and a shooting guard ,as well as power forward, sometimes take the position of point guard. Try me and I assured you will never regret it. +233277561248.

Point guard looking for a team overseas

I’m a point guard. I can drive, shoot and I’m a great passer. I like to help my team as much as I can even on the sidelines. I can do anything you ask me to do. I’m a hard worker. With the death of my brother, sister and bestfriend keep me motivated to become a better athlete and person. All I need is a chance to start somewhere. Email me or Contact me at 1(760) 818-5121.

Comments for Point guard looking for a team overseas

Jun 02, 2016
Nation leading scorer
by: Anthony thomas

I am anthony thomas I lead America in scoring with the average of 38.3 I also averaged 8.2 Rebs and 4.0 steals I know I could be great I just need somewhere to show off my talent (414) 460-1556

Nov 18, 2014
i just wanna be A star
by: dazhon Nedab

i know im good i just need somebody take a chance on me 757 387 7490 .

I just want a chance

by Sean Greene Jr
(New York, NY, USA)

My name is Sean Greene Jr. I’m a 5′-8″ point guard with extreme quickness and speed. I can shoot from anywhere on the court with range, I have a quick crossover as well as a quick first step, I can finish around the rim, I’m one of the most competitive people you can meet, I’m a flat out scorer and I also love playing defense. I’m a bit undersized, but I make up for it with heart and hustle. I’m 25 years old and all I’m asking for is a chance. You can contact me at mrgreene121490@gmail.com I really just want the opportunity to showcase my talents and skills please.


by Ositadinma T. Egwuonwu
(Famagusta, North Cyprus)

Pic taken in 2009

Pic taken in 2009

I’m an 6ft3 and weigh 78kg, 18year old player currently studying business administration in Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. I started playing basketball in 2009 and i fell in love with it and now i am real good. I am very hard-working,a re-bounder, good blocker and great defensive player. On the offense i’m am very strong and like to take it at the defender with a good inside shot and average 3 point shot. I just need an opportunity and i wont fail anyone who invests in me.

Basketball Player trying to make it overseas.

by Nicholas Nowak
(Muskegon MI, United States of America.)

Winning the Tournament M.V.P. and the Finals M.V.P. Trophies

Winning the Tournament M.V.P. and the Finals M.V.P. Trophies

Hi my name is Nicholas Nowak I am a 6′ 4″ 235 – 240 pound Guard who plays physical and can score from the outside as well as down on the block I have a pass first mentality. I tried out for the Grand Rapids Community Junior College and made the team but was forced to work full time and didnt have time for basketball so I had to quit. I practiced with the Qatar club in Qatar for about 2 1/2 years but didnt play in any games as the rules only allowed each team to have one American on the team but I know how the overseas basketball program works and can adjust easily. I am pretty quick and stronger then ever before, I learn quick and im a very coachable Player. I am currently working overseas in Afghanistan as a contractor for the US Military and am looking to get out of this danger zone and play some basketball overseas and is interested in playing in China and if you give me a shot I will not dissapoint you well thanks for your time have a wonderful day.

Very Legit Point Guard All Around. The 3 ball is My special and Crossover

by Mike
(Ashland Ky)

Hey the Name is Mike Anthony Jones. I stand about 5ft 10in. Can Dunk a basketball. And was wanting to come over seas and put everything on the line and make a starting position I no I hve the potential to bring the best to my team and team mates Im An All around player with good player skills and communication. I have been In the newspaper alot. My most points in a game was 58 along with 13 3’s tht game. Have the video recorded. Ply alot of aau ball. My email Address is DukeBlueDevils232403@yahoo.com My phone # is 1-606-326-6543

Something from nothing…

by Marc lee James
(Fort Wayne, in, united states )

Hey I’m Marc James, 6”3 with amazing speed and ball handing with a offense and defense skill set, I’m currently homeless and all I’m asking for is a chance to prove myself, I have a 1yr old son, dead father, and a lot of chip on my shoulder so If anybody is reading this I really feel like I deserve a chance, I always dreamed of playin overseas and I’m willing to do almost anything for the chance to prove myself. I have a point to prove and I’m not wasting nobody time when it comes to my basketball life, this Is what I love to do, so please if you guys are watching or lookin for pure talent 15045414710 that’s my number thank you – Marc


by Joseph ouma
(Kenya Nairobi )

Am a point guard 6.3ft and a free agent looking for a team to play for more so in Asia..Am one of the best Point guards in Africa.I will be so grateful to play in China..thank you. contact +256781915598


by God’swill Achiuwa
(Port harcourt city, Rivers state, Nigeria)

I’m God’swill Achiuwa from nigeria, i’m a basketball player with a 6.3ft of height. I’ve represented my state, and i’ve also played the nigeria basketball league, i will like to see and experience my career glooming by playing overseas if i’m privilege tnx.

U can call me with +2348134614230 or e-mail me with macshev30@yahoo.com hoping to hear a favourable reply from you.

I just love the game

by Colton McMillan
(Blairsville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Senior year of high school

Senior year of high school

I’ve been playing basketball since I could dribble a ball and never skipped a beat. Always dreamed of playing in the NBA but I came from a small town and didn’t have the greatest grades to go on and play at a big university.

Ended up going to a small community college but didn’t know what major I wanted to get into and backed out of it. Have been on the court ever since, trying to find a place to play where I can make a career out of it and devote more time towards it.

I’m a 6′ 155 lb point guard, love to handle the ball and drive, always looking to pass. I like the traditional pick and rolls, give and goes, back doors and just playing within the game and taking what they give you.

State to country long ride too success

by nathan keeton
(casa grande az, usa 85122)

Name: Nathan Keeton
Height: 6’2
Weight: 175
Position: combo guard
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/28/85
Attended school: 2001-2004
Ppg: 22
Reb: 5


Team mvp 2001, most athletic 2001, 45 pts in a game schoool record 2001, 12 pts avg 2001

Boyd baker classic champs, 1st team all-tournament 2002,
6th man of the year 2002, 14 pts avg a game 2002

Team defensive player 2003
Nominated for 25th annual high school edition of who’s who in sports 2003

Global all-american nominee {sprots tours usa} 2001-2004
Team mvp 2004, 2nd team all-conference 2004, 2nd team all-region 2004, defensive player of the year 2004, 22 pts avg a game

Pro exp: ABA Arizona Rhinos. Jerry tarkanian pro-league las vegas nv, 28pts pg 2008,2009

College attended: cochise college

About me: combo guard. Would prefere the shooting guard position.

I gotta helleva jumper with great form. Very quick and fast love to play defense and will defend my opposition full court. High energy guy ay all times. Good work ethic. Willing to learn much more about the game. I take high percentage shots. Very dedicated and a team player. Known as a motivational speaker, love to talk on the court at all times one oe the most important things.

I received a scholorship and attended cochise cloolege in which I was cut from the team. I thought I was the main deal and found out that it was more than just playing ball. I did not finish school.
So I went state to state trying to find myself and figure out it’s the same everywhere else. The change was good… but at the time my heart was homr and I needed to be around family and gain that confidence and drive back that I always had.
Everything I do I’m good at. But of course I put everything on the back burner for basketball.
Now that I’m older and wiser I see thing’s different for what they are.

Now I’m trying to follow my dreams and bring it to reality with one shot and a prayer to an invite overseas to making it..
I’ll do whatever it takes to get out there. Get my passport, my own money and everything after that is it..
If I get that 1 shot I will not be coming back home thanks.

still waiting for my time in basketball overseas

by jideidowutemiloluwa
(lasgos state nigeria)

my name is jide idowu temiloluwa,am a female baasketballer in nigeria and hv also travelled to some africa coubtries for friendly matches and tryout ,and i hv also applied overseaas for years but every thing prvoved abortive ,still these very moment am still trying out and i i believe that one day i will play out there and people will see me andd world will appreciate me more.up coming and young players just keep on trying and dont think every thing is immpossible,but bwhat is immpossible can be possible hv it at d back of ur mind

My life-Basketball

by Rashad bass
(Augusta, ga USA )

Hi my name is rashad Allen bass, I am 24 years of age and I strong believe that I have the talent to play ball but I just dnt have the recognition. I am 6″2 but my mind is 7 feet. Basketball is my passion and that’s just what I live to do. My life is very complicated but I always seem to find basketball as a depressant for my issues. I am will to give 100% dedication honesty and loyalty. All I need I one shot. Please contact rashad bass at 4043969501 may you all have a blessed day.

Playing Basketball

by Clayvin Jones Jr.
(Garland, TX)

My name is Clayvin Jones. Currently Im working at Bank of America corporate office. My job is going through a lay-off process. Im very unhappy here I want to do something I love to do which is play basketball. Im a real talented basketball player and want to show my skills. 5’9, 207 (PG). I’d played at Garland Lakeview Centennial in 2009. Ive been playing in adult men’s leagues and I go to pro workout camps. Just need one chance to showcase my skills. Hope to hear from you soon.

Email: clayvinjones@yahoo.com
Day phone: 214-209-7225
Night phone: 214-527-4189

Dream Chaser 14-Basketball

by TaChandrae’
(Milwaukee, WI)

Name: TaChandrae’ Anthony-Turner

Age: 21

Height: 5’6″

Bio: Talented female guard from Milwaukee, WI. I played 4 years at Bay View High School a little in every position, 1 year at Southeastern Community College in Iowa as a point guard/shooting guard and 1 year at Milwaukee Area Technical College also as a point guard/shooting guard. I am a driver, shooter and I can play in the post. I’m a hard worker and a fast learner who is constantly working to get better so I may 1 play be able to play at the next level.

basketball is my life

by babatunde baruwa
(lagos, Nigeria)

basketball is my life, but my country (Nigeria) does not support basketball sport so i’m look for a country to explore my talent and become a superstar.

Wishing to move forward in basketball

by Raheem Knight
(Greenville North carolina USA)

Played high school basketball baseball football never had n conflict with any coach love being coach to improve my game in 5’10 160 fast defensive guard and willing to do and die for any team i play for…
Hope I actually can have an chance
In my picture thats me in the orange

Free Agent

by Joseph ouma
(Kenya )

Am a point guard 6.3ft Good shooter way from down town,good passer best defensively,too athletic and aggressive…Am a free agent recruiting me you won’t regret it..This my email address oumajoseph45@yahoo.com. …phone no.+256781915598……whatsapp no.+254729777544…Lets keep in touch am the best point guard that has ever happen thank You God Bless..

amadou lamine ndaw ,i think about the chinese basketball is growing up

by amadou lamine ndaw
(châtelet ,belgium)

i was a good basketball player in senegal west of africaand after injuries of backbone i have stopped to play and readnow i am boyscout of basketball ,i live in belgium and i have lot players men and women in africa and europe

Rayshadrick Johnson

Hello my name is Rayshadrick Johnson,
You can check me out on www.youtube.com type that in then my name Rayshadrick Johnson.Im just looking to play basketball on the next level. If you is interested in me i can tell you more about myself.I can be reached at (214)271-5186.

I’m Hungry!!! This is All I Know…………

by steven

I’m Steven Steward from Thibodaux,Louisiana. Basketball is my whole life. Its all I do from the time I wake up and go to sleep. I’m a 6″1 combo guard that can rebound like a forward with great ball handles. I play defense like my life depends on it. I always play the like its my last. I work extremely hard on my all around game. All my coaches says I’m a gym rat.This is the only thing I’m good at doing. I promise If you take a chance on me u wouldn’t regret it. I’ve played with and against some real good NBA players like Marcus Thornton from The Kings and D.J. Augustin from The Bobcats and more! I’m a great teammate. I only need one shot and I’ll prove it to who ever reading this right now. I’ll prove to u that i can play with the best you have to offer. A lot of people can write on paper that they can do this and that well I CAN SHOW YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Heart of a Lion

My name is Elijah Chin I am a 5’11 Point Guard out of New York City. I use my quickness and speed and endurance to get by my defenders and to out beat them up and down the court. I am very coach-able and never had a problem playing for any coach. I have a very well mid range jump-shot but I love just going to the basket. I am about a 90% free throw shooter. The one thing I am very known for is my ability to see the court and make very good passes. My off the court work ethnic is one of the reasons why I stay in very well shape for off seasons. When giving the chance I don’t think any coach would be disappointed. My contact information is email: elijahchin12@gmail.com

Cell: 347 399 9980

Basketball-The Diamond in the rough

by Benjamin Guillory
(Ville Platte Louisiana)

My name is Ben Guillory, I have overcame my competion against overseas players, Nba players, and so on. I’ve always had an good attitube and been a loyal player and teamate. Playing basketball at a juco gave me a chance to play division 1 basketball. I redshirted at Southern Utah University because of a situation with Cal Poly and oppertunities came to me during school. I had to pay for school and couldnt afford it. So ibwas contacted by flight brothers and the guy made the deal sound legit. The week I was supposed to fly out he never answered his phone. I moved back to my hometown in Louisiana and started playing for an ABA team. I was the star of the team. The team only lasted 3 monthes with no pay. 3 of my teamates got deals overseas because of connects which im not judging no one but infeel I desered it more and the oppertunity still has not came around. I always feel I have the worst luck with basketball and good things never come my way since college ball. Sometimes I want to give up. I play ball on a regular bases and could knockdown 8 three’s in a row playing fullcourt competion. I have a 45 inch vertical and was a juco all american and lead the nation in most threes made in 2008-09 season.Im 6’4″ 180 lbs. Im Im 25 now with a family and working at Verizon Wireless still looking for my first contract with a team that believes in me and a place were I could meet new people and make new friends and accomplish goals set by the great coach that would give me a chance. Im a diamond in the rough waiting to shine with my abilitys.

Contact me:
Email: gwash1010@gmail.com
Cell: 3375014167

I Love The Game-Basketball

by Mario Cooper
(River Rouge, MI, USA)

My name is Mario Cooper, Im 24 yrs old, from River Rouge MI near detroit metro area. Im a 6’3 190lbs shooting guard…I can create my own shot, run off screens very well, and consistently makes the open shot. My dribbling skills are above average to be a shooting guard, to where I can also play point guard if needed to play in certain situations. My defense is average, I play the passing lane very well because of my long wingspan. I tend to gamble sometimes but I get positioned back quickly. If youre interested I can send you film and workout footage email me at cooper_mario@yahoo.com

Next Life

by barron whiye

My name is Barron White I would love to play overseas basketball.

Babkubwa ndani ya China

by Sammy Juma

Am Sammy Juma Wamanya as ihave stated above standing 6.0ft wish to play in china

Ambitious Basketball player

by Christopher Michael Jones
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

My name is Christopher Jones. Im 6’6″, 230 pounds and i play forward. I am a three time all-american at Central Christian College. please contact me at 405-551-3182 or cjones3462@yahoo.com.


by Chris Mazza
(Toronto Canada)

I am a 21 year old natural point guard/shooting guard out of Toronto, Ontario. Now, I know whomever reads this is going to think, Ok hes 5’8 and 155, he doesnt have size, he doesnt have enough strength, What makes him think he can play professionally? My work ethic and ability to learn is unmatched. My effort going back court on defence is even stronger than the effort I put in to finding my spots and scoring the basketball. I have an exceptional ability to put myself in a position to score off of screens and the high pick and roll. My ability to drive to the basket without fear of contact allows me to get in close and find my open teammates the basketball on the perimiter. If I had to describe my style of play, it would be a mix of the quickness and agility of JJ Barea of the Dallas Mavericks, the pick and roll offence of Kyle Korver of the Chicago Bulls, the calm, collected shooting ability of Dirk Nowitzki and the hustle and ability to defend on the basketball like Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City. I train rigurously, shooting over 500 shots a day, 4 days a week. The confidence and collectiveness I display on the court is that of an experienced leader. I am an unselfish, complete team player. On the court I believe that a team is an oiled machine. Every part of the machine has to flow and contribute in order for it to be successful. I have pondered the question of playing professionally all of my life, but doubted my chances because of my size. However, we have seen smaller players succeed in the NBA and other respective leagues, and I feel like with all the hardwork, relentless effort and time I put into our game of basketball, I deserve an opportunity to finally prove myself.

Please, please contact me without hesitation at chris.mazza@live.com and I will respond immediately, open-mindedly and whole heartedly.

Thank you

Blood…Sweat…Tears! A Man On A Mission!

by Keegan Williams
(Dallas, Texas, US)

The basketball was placed in my hands at the age of 3 and it’s been my passion ever since. This is not just a game to me, it’s who I am. I am a 24 year old explosive guard (can play 1 and 2) from Dallas, Texas with the abilities to read the floor at all times and score the ball from long or short range.

I can create opportunities for my teammates to score the ball and I LOVE to play defense. My work ethic and tenacity is impeccable and once I lace my shoes up and step on a court, I’m all about business. I was taught to never give up on my goals and I’ve never been the type to sit around expecting handouts.

Even with my family going through devastating times right now, I still make no excuses or let anything get in the way of me wanting to work and make a difference. That’s why I get up and earn everything I set out to attain. I have been balling in a couple small leagues, but now it’s time to take my talents to a bigger stage.

I’m searching for a home in any team with the interests of signing me that I can build with, work towards championships, and continue to play this game we all love. For any coaches and staff looking for a reliable and hard working player, I’m ready and willing.

I can be contacted via email:




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