At Planet Hoops we always want to offer the best. The best Basketball Plays with expert coaching is what we are providing on this page.

We are committed to bringing you many animations and diagrams to share with the Planet. Please let us know how we can do better.

One of the things we feel is different about teaching and learning with this method is you get the best of all worlds.

Instead of just looking at a diagram on paper and trying to figure it out in your mind we think it is easier to watch a moving animation with a Coach talking the viewer through the play. You can watch it over and over again

The only thing better would be to actually watch a video of a Coach teaching plays with players on the floor.

Please Share your Best Basketball Plays and Drills!

Share your great Basketball Play or Drill with us and we will Animate it for you and your Team as well as the World!!

We will give you credit for it, of course.

Whether it is a Quick Hitter, BLOB, SLOB, your main Offense or Defense, Last second play or anything, just let us know and we will Animate it for all to see.

Full Court Secondary

Motion Offense Basics

Defensive Transition Concepts

1-3-1-1 Press Attack

We hope you have enjoyed the Plays above and please send us feedback on what other plays you want to learn about. Let us know how we’re doing.

Have a great day.