Basketball training is always undergoing new ideas and we will do our best to bring you the latest training ideas. What follows is a type of Season plan that I picked up from somewhere.

I have it in my notes. I have no idea where I got it from but I think it is a great way to look at all the concepts you have to teach your kids over the course of a season.

Basketball Training

Things to Cover:

Special Situations

Jump Balls
fast breaks
secondary breaks
fouls shot break
press break
half court trap breaks
breaking pressure
special plays
sideline plays
last shot plays
avoiding charges
drawing charges
drawing fouls
post play
wing play
saving the ball
3 in the key
one on one moves

Basketball Fundamentals

squaring up
coming to the ball
giving a target
going to the hoop
body positions
sharp passes
ball fakes
protecting the ball
elbows up
never standing still
using two hands
head up while dribbling
reading situations
seeing ahead of the play
animal drills
taking the charge

Basketball Offensive Skills

getting available
passing-all types
setting picks
lob passes
shooting-all types
lay-ups-all types
give and go
pick and roll
power moves
one on one moves
receives outlets
fast break situations:
1 on 0, 1 on 1, 2 on 0, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 2 on 3, 3 on 1, 3 on 2,3 on 3, 3 on 4, 4 on 2, 4 on 3, 5 on 5, – Secondary Breaks.
positioning out
use of body
body balance
how to run, and how to move
cutting to the ball
passing the ball with “english”
back doors
post to post passes

Basketball Training Defensive Skills

fighting picks
checking the post
stopping the dribble, then…
cutting off the baseline, sideline
jump switches
hands up
looking for someone to guard
cutting off the flash cuts
jump with the pass
getting back on D
diving for the ball
contesting shots-blocking shots
guarding players with the ball under the basket
defending the fast break
bad fouls-reaching
shell drill
driving the leg out
screening out
how to pressure
how to steal
how to “harass”
what to do when behind
zones-all types
defensive jump balls
help and recover

Things to be done every day

ball handling, dribbling
passing drills
medicine ball passing
defensive footwork (leg strength)
shooting- between 50-100 shots at least
going hard to the basket
proper cutting-fundamentals of footwork
aggressive play

What is a Good Team Philosophy for……….?

-controlled game, control the tempo, be quick but don’t hurry
-handle all pressure
-cut down on dribbling, except the point guard if there is one
-looking for good percentage shots
-aggressive defense-goal oriented defense
-have 2 man to man offenses, 2 zone offenses
-multiple defenses
-sideline plays- vs. man and zones

We hope this information on Basketball Training was helpful.