We all love basketball videos. I know you really don’t want to have to read all this stuff when you can just watch it. Planet Hoops strives to bring our readers (and watchers) the most exciting, interesting and action packed videos from around the planet.

As always with our website we ask our readers what they want to see. We will post what we think is interesting and we hope you agree but ultimately you get to decide.

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In my web searches over the years I have seen footage from Greece, China, Australia, the U.S., and many points in between. It always amazes me how good the game is becoming overseas. The coaching is getting better and so is the competition which naturally allows for growth of the game.

Players and coaches can watch all kinds of hoop related hi-lights on the web easier than ever before and the video quality is getting to be so good with the technology advances we have seen.

It is on this page that we will post whatever great vision we can find from the Hoop Planet we call Planet Hoops.

So to get to the point here is our first Video:

Steve Nash Hi-Lights 2005-2006 MVP Season

Streetball Video

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