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This purpose of this page is to continually bring you a basketball workout plan from different coaches and players from around the world. It is always nice to try out different workouts so that you don’t get stale and bored with your training.

A good, solid basketball workout plan is essential for success on the court. The key word is “Plan”. You must have a plan. We will do our best to bring you the best of the best coaches and players from around the world to give you a Workout Plan that fits your needs. Stay tuned to this page.

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One of the best basketball sites I have come across recently is the “Let It Fly” Development site from Australia. Peter Lonergan is the founder of “Let It Fly” and he has a great Basketball Workout Plan page, among other great features. He has individual and small group workouts, specifically the Spin out series basketball shooting workout, the Shooting the contested shot, 100 shot workout to improve shooting accuracy and focus, the 40 minute basketball workout plan for perimeter players and a 50 minute guard workout-ball handling and individual offense. Unfortunately Peter’s website is no longer online.

If you are looking for awesome Vertical Jump training programs and who isn’t, then we have 2 of the best for you. It is so important these days to be a good leaper. Some athletes are blessed with the jumping genes but most are not.

It requires hard work and a good program to follow. Did I mention hard work. Don’t be left behind because you did not have the right program. Click below for 4 of the finest vertical jumping programs we have researched. Decide for yourself which one you like the best.

Click Here for #1 Recommended Vertical Program

Jump Manual

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