Our newest feature is for Basketball Coaches looking for players. At Planet Hoops we are always trying to get better and offer more services. The internet has changed basketball recruiting and with this technology a coach can save money on travel costs and search out the best players online.

We are constantly receiving Player Profiles from players at all levels who are looking to play overseas or get a College scholarship. What we decided was that it would be best and easiest to post these Player profiles and videos on our site for College Coaches to view at their leisure.

This is the Page where you will find those players.

We will have sample videos set up for the time being but we will be posting players videos here on this page soon.

If you know a player that would like his or her video posted here please let us know through our Contact page or fill out the form at the end of this page.

If you know of any coaches who could use this service please pass the address of this web page along to them.

Thanks very much.

Planet Hoops