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We provide products, services and in depth information about getting a Basketball Job Overseas, fundamentals, plays, tips, drills, strategies, tours, technology, sportswear, Youth Fitness and Conditioning, scholarship advice and much more. You can satisfy all your basketball needs at Planet Hoops.

basketball actionPlanet Hoops is becoming one of the top online resource for players and coaches of basketball worldwide.

With the growth of the Internet we are seeing the world Basketball community sharing basketball concepts, methodologies, technology, and coaching ideas like never before. Basketball’s future is looking very bright.

Please share your ideas with us and our online community so we can spread the growth of this great game to every corner of the Planet.

Let’s use this site as a Positive way for nations to be friends rather than enemies.


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Hoops is Contagious-Don’t Forget Your Shot!

Planet Hoops is Contagious-Don’t Forget Your Shot!

Basketball Players Information on how to reach for the stars and reach your goals
A page for basketball players with links to fundamentals, shooting, passing, dribbling, recruiting and scholarship information
Basketball coaching and training resources, scouting, video analysis and more.
Information and secrets about basketball coaching where coaches can find outstanding resources and tools for their teaching, scouting and video analysis needs.
Earn High School Basketball Scholarships to the United Sates of America
Find out here if you qualify for High School Basketball Scholarships abroad
College Basketball Recruiting. Tips, secrets and gudelines for getting a Basketball Scholarship.
We’ll give you tons of excellent College Basketball Recruiting tools,tips and information.
Basketball Tours for global education and the highest level of competition.
Planet Hoops organizes basketball tours and offers the chance to travel to such places as Australia, Canada, the U.S. and beyond.
Assist Basketball Network
Assist Basketball Network helps with Camps, SuperCamps, tournaments, scouting and more
Basketball Overseas contacts, information and news.
Playing Basketball Overseas is very possible. The right contacts and agency will ensure your success.
Youth basketball is the future of the game. Learn all you need to know here.
A page devoted to youth basketball and how to teach the correct skills in the correct way.
Womens Basketball Test your knowledge with this fun game
Great new game from Ronald Robinson tests your knowledge of womens basketball
Vertical Jump training report
Vertical jump training report and information
Basketball Coaching Boards, get the best available for the best price
We offer Basketball Coaching Boards from a great supplier in Turkey. You cannot beat the quality and price
Are basketball fights really necessary? Are you in favor or not?
Where basketball fights can be discussed and shared
Basketball Recruiting Videos, How To Get to College or the Pros.
We produce recruiting videos to assist High School and College players get to the next level by promoting their abilities through Video hi-lite dvd’s.
Basketball Videos and action from around the world
Basketball videos, hilights, and general Hoop videos are featured here.
Eurobasket video, find all the best Pro Players videos here
Eurobasket video from the top prospects fromaround the world
The PV Sports Classic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The PV Sports Classic is held every May in Puerto Vallarta. This is a great event, including basketball, tennis, softball, beach volleyball and so much more. Be there.
The DV Coach Stats and Video Analysis tool can save you time and money.
The DV Coach is a complete stats and video analysis software program that helps coaches prepare, scout and recruit more efficiently.
The StatsPod will revolutionize basketball stat taking.
The StatsPod is an amazing new tool which is used to log statistics by speaking the events into your computer
SidelineSports Software
Professional SidelineSports technology for sports teams, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Teachers,and Physical Educators.
Basketball Fundamentals and basics are the main keys to hoop success.
A page dedicated basketball fundamentals. In depth, quality discussions and breakdowns of basketball fundamentals and drills.
Modular Basketball, the new way to play and teach the game of basketball.
Learn how and why Modular Basketball will revolutionize the playing and teaching of our great game.
Basketball Shooting Workout Plans to develop and improve basketball shooting and other basics.
Basketball shooting coaches write about fixing what’s wrong with shooting.
Why Basketball is the greatest game on the face of the earth
Basketball is a fast paced, exciting sport played in most countries of the world. All you need is a hoop and a ball.
The best Basketball Camps and Clinics are available near you
Here we help you find the best basketball camps or clinics for you, wherever you live.
A Basketball Workout Plan designed to help you get the most from your training.
A Basketball workout plan developed and submitted from Top Coaches and Players from around the world.
Basketball drills for youth, high school and College Coaches
For basketball drills you can use right away to help your team improve then you have come to the right place
Basketball Plays with detailed instructions and top coaching.
Discover top basketball plays to get you easy buckets. We use animations and diagrams to teach you how.
Free Throws
Basketball Free Throws are one of the most important aspects of the game of Basketball
Steve Nash Basketball. One of the best basketball Players in the World
A page where you can learn everything about Steve Nash Basketball
Sports tickets, basketball tickets, event tickets and more
Find sports tickets and basketball tickets to your favorite events
Our Basketball Newsletter is here and it’s Free and it is very informative.
Click here to learn about our new Free Basketball Newsletter.
The Euroleague of basketball is awseome
A page with a great story and background about the Euroleague final four basketball championships.
Who Invented Basketball, How this great game of ours came into being.
Tracing the roots of the game and an in depth look at the man who invented basketball.
Why I Love Site Build It and Why You should too
I Love Site Build It because it gives me the freedom to live life on my terms. It has made me a believer and is taking me on my way to my dreams.
The Planet Hoops Basketball Shop is here for all your basketball needs
If you’re looking for a basketball shop with great prices on books, balls, basketball aids and everything else then look no further.
Wheelchair basketball is a very popular sport played all over the world.
A page explaining wheelchair basketball and how it differs from
Basketball in China news, players, current events and future possibilities.
A page dedicated to bringing you news about Basketball in China. Pro players such as Yao Ming will be featured.
Testimonials for Planet Hoops and Hoop Hype.net
Satisfied customers recommend our website and services and with glowing testimonials.
Our Partner Sites are very important to us. Please support them.
Many fine quality partner sites relating to basketball.
Hoop Hype Blog
Hoop Hype blog discussing Overseas Basketball, the NBA, NCAA, FIBA, Basketball Training and Coaching and any other basketball topic we can think of will be analyzed and introduced. Subscribe here.
Planet Hoops basketball. Who we are, what is our mission and how you can help.
A page about Planet Hoops and how and why we want to help build this great game of basketball.
Contact us, the Planet Hoops Team here and we’ll make sure to get back to you.
How to contact us for more details and information.
Feedback for Planet Hoops
Feedback page for our Planet Hoops site