How to Get Better at Basketball”

Sometimes on the court you have to do what you don’t like to get where you want to be. This is one of the main problems facing basketball players – you want to be the best, but you don’t always want to put in the work.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We are going to share with you secrets on how to work smarter not harder when it comes to getting better at basketball. Keep reading to find out on how to get better at basketball. Use these tips and be ready to see instant results in your game.

Focus on the fundamentals. Know what areas you need to improve on to take your game to the next level and create goals to accomplish them during your workouts. Don’t be afraid to ask your coach for feedback so you’re working on the right things.

Get in the weightroom. Find time to get in the weight room and get stronger. The strength you gain in the weight room will influence ALL areas of your game. Don’t have access to a weight room? Squats, push-ups, and sit-ups will do the trick and you can do those anywhere.

Change up your on-court drills. Don’t do the same drills every day. Challenge yourself by switching up which drills you’re using while in the gym. If you’re doing the same things then you’re getting the same results. Switch it up and work for better results.

Learn from the best. Have you ever heard of Ganon Baker or Jason Otter? They are two of the top basketball trainers in the world with the most sought after camps for players working on skill development, BUT they bring their camps to you with their excellent instructional DVDs. Skip the camps, order online, and learn from the best.

Invest in the ultimate rebounder. Instead of chasing your ball after every shot save your energy by purchasing an iC3 Rebounder. You’ll be able to get up twice as many shots in the same amount of time. The iC3 Rebounder even makes it possible to add a second ball which gives you even more reps during your workout.

Study the professionals. Do you want to be the next Steph Curry? Don’t just wear his jersey and expect to get on his level. Watch his games, find his youtube videos, and dissect every little thing he does on the court – – then find ways to add those little things to your game. At this link, you can find a great resource on proper basketball shooting technique, fundamentals, and form.

All of these secrets we shared with you outline how to get better at basketball. Start at the beginning with focusing on the right areas for improvement and setting goals for yourself. Then work on getting stronger by adding a few muscle building exercises to your daily routine.

After that you’re ready to focus on the actual on-court skills by changing up your drills, learning from the best basketball minds, investing in a reliable rebounder, and studying your favorite players.

Now that you know the secrets to working smarter and not harder it’s time to get to work. If you put it all together and into action, the sky is the limit!

Written by Sasa Cvetkovic, founder and owner of Basketball Phantom Blog