I Just need an oppurtunity.

by Sam Newaz Jr.
(San Bernardino CA)

Front cover of newspaper

5’9 / 160 Pounds

March 29,1991
19 years old

I love this game and very passionate about it. I never got the opportunity to show my skills or prove anything to anybody. I feel so underrated and for that it only motivates me. Im a fast guard that is very quick and athletic. My handles are very unique and I been called as a really great shooter. Im very versatile and very smart. I went to a high school that was very small and never got any looks. I never had the chance to go to camps or tournament where I can be noticed because I never had the money. When I was 18 I tore my ACL in my knee and my meniscus which sat me out for a whole year. With another year down and no basketball in my life only hurts me. Now I just need an opportunity a chance where somebody can just let me show them what there missing. I swear to you I won’t let you down and I mean that with all my heart you won’t be disappointed!


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Aug 23, 2011
Hes going overseas!
by: Anonymous

Hes going to the PBA in 2014 I believe hes real fast.

I Just Want To Play Ball

by Perie Finley
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Freshman Year of College

Perie Finley
i have been told that i have the potential to play at the next level by all of my coaches and by people who i dont even know that have seen me play.
Height; 6’5
Weight; 220
Positions; PG,SG,SF
Date Of Birth; March, 8, 1991
Age; 20
Junior year of High School i averaged 18.2pts and 8.6rbs, and my Senior year i averaged 19pts and 8rbs.
Freshman Year at Georgia Northwestern Tech, i averaged 20pts and 6rbs.
Im just looking for an opportunity too play Overseas ball. Please put your Faith in me, i want let you down.
Contact; 706-936-4273

I just want to play the game i love

by Brendan Judd
(Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada)

My name is Brendan Judd i’am a 6’3” gaurd from Ontario, Canada i’am 19 years old, this past March my highschool team won AA OFSSA which is the provincial championship. i’ve been playing Basketball my whole life, this past season i was the starting shooting gaurd i averaged 14 points and 6 assist’s i’ve never played point gaurd before but i believe that i can. i think my greatest stentgh is that i don’t have a weak area in my game.

Basketball-I Just Gotta Make It!

by Kendall Allison
(Baltimore, Md USA)


Kendall R. Allison
Age: 23
D.O.B. July 16, 1989
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Height: 6’3 ½”
Weight: 188lbs
Position: Guard/Forward (Right Hand)
High School: Southside Academy
AAU Team: First Baptist Crusaders
Previous School(s): Potomac State College of WVU (Fr.)
Salem Int’l University (So. & Jr.) Ohio Valley University (Jr.& Sr.)

Freshman Yr.: 6ppg 3rpg
Sophomore Yr.: 15.5ppg 8.5rpg 1.4bpg 2.0spg
Junior Yr.: 16ppg 7rpg 2.7bpg .402 3pt% .533 FG% (Honorable Mention WVIAC)
Senior Yr.: 18.8ppg 8.7rpg 2.5bpg .413 3pt% .536 FG% (3rd Team All- Conference WVIAC) 12th in Div. II in Blocked shots
Total Career Stats- 1,223pts 483rebs 139blks 115asts 63stls

I dont want to do nothing else but play ball cause its all i do, watch and play is hoop i want to play pro

by allen
(columbia sc united states)

My name is Allen Winn i stay in columbia sc im 6’5

Why I want to play basketball

by Desmond King
(leesburg,va united states)

My name is Desmond M King and my passion for basketball is out of this world. All want to do is play basketball not for the money but because this is the sport i want to do with my life. I am a young parent who wants to make my dream come true by playing basketball. I would like to take my family somewhere new and they can watch me play ball. I never got my shot in high school and i think this is a good chance that going overseas will full fill my dreams i’m 6’1 and 175 pounds. Thank you.

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Oct 04, 2011
Gotta put in the effort.
by: bobzay

I’ve seen a lot of people give a lot of very inspiring speeches attempting to motivate people, but for this situation I’m going to say that actions speak louder than words. Become a very consistent well rounded player through hard work. Then Check out Australia’s NBL / Europe league.

God speed buddy


Oct 03, 2011
by: Ashara Maxie

Desmond, follow your dream. Never, ever give up on your dreams. Remember, exposure is the key. Practice and get in shape. You never who may be looking at you.

You may want to get into a Community College and try out for the team. With hardwork, (it seems you already have determination)you’ll make it.

I received a scholorship to a Div. 2 school after high school but I didn’t fair well at the school. I’m now in a Div.3. I tore my ACL in my Junior year,high school. I was nominated for the McDonald All-American Team in my Sr. year. My Jersey was retired from High School. I have numerous awards and trophies. I thought I would have been drafted by now, but not YET!….LOL…. I’m telling you all this to say, it is not enough to just want to play Basketball you have to apply your self and work really, really hard. Women’s Basketball is different from boys as well.
Good luck!

Dedicated to working my absolute hardest to prove that i have what it takes, i just need an opportunity

Tony oates, Toate655@yahoo.com, 4011 Northstone dr, Raleigh, NC 27604, 6’4, 190, male, 26. I didn’t play in college and I don’t have any recent video of me playing, however I have recently registered for an adult league that begins feb 21st and I will be more than happy to record it to show what I have. My whole life I’ve let my anxiety hold me back from reaching my full potential, especially in basketball. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned to completely overcome my anxiety and im 100% confident in myself. I know there’s a lot for me to learn, but I also know that I possess the skills and athletic ability to play basketball on a professional level. All I need is an opportunity, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME PLEASE! I promise I won’t let you down!

I want to play pro basketball.

by Kassim Tanko

my name is Kassim Tanko,i am 22 and i have been playing basketball since the age of 13 and i had wanted to play pro ever since.i play both shooting guard amd point guard.

Come from a single parent household I just want success

by Desmond stone
(Atlanta,GA U.S)

I’m from Atlanta,Ga my passion is basketball I’m a hard worker im a 21 year old 5’9 point guard who has great range and can get to the basket my biggest weakness is ball handling but has gotten better I’m looking for an opportunity to show my talent and show what I can bring to the table

I just want to live my dream as a professional basketball player finally

by Trista Rossi
(Sacramento, ca, United States)

First Name: Trista

Last Name: Rossi

Street Address: 4141 Palm Ave #473

City: Sacramento

State: California

Postal Code: 95842

Contact Information: (cell) (916-752-1162

Email Address: tristarossi44@gmail.com

Country: United States

Height: 5’7

Weight: 140

Sex: Female

Date of Birth or age: 06/05/1985

Name of College or University: American River College

Position: Point/Shooting Guard

{My Story}

Hello, My name is Trista Rossi and I am 26 years old from Sacramento, California. I’m creating this player profile among everybody else to try and live my dream for the first time finally. Since the day I can remember picking up a basketball, it became my passion and my dream to play basketball Professionally somewhere. However, the path that was chosen for me took me away from all of my dreams and what I really wanted to do.

I have had a lot of ups and downs throughout the years dealing with a lot in my life and as of today, im finally back on track. Before I never thought I was good enough to play, but I just want a shot. I can sit here and tell you my whole life story and what has happened and the experiences I had playing, but it all comes down to if I actually have the potential to play professionally. I mean, that’s what we’re creating these profiles for right? For a shot at our dreams, that is the only one way to live that dream, is a
shot/try out.

I’m a 5’7 guard who can do a lot of different things and I work hard. I don’t really know what it takes to play at the next level, but I certainly believe there is some hope for me out there. All I am looking for is one chance, one opportunity to live my one and only dream.

I Just Want To Play Ball

by Darian Anthony
(Tavares, FL, United States)

I love the game of basketball! I am a very confident, strong-minded and well-rounded player. I’m still in high school. If i don’t attend college, playing basketball overseas is my next option. I’m doing this now because i want to put my name out there for whatever team that is looking for a type of player such as myself. In which, I am a versatile guard who thinks about defense first and can also dribble, shoot(short, mid and long range), read the defense, penetrate gaps, finish well at the basket and can pass. Most of all I am a leader and I am a winner!

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Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Your name is ANTHONY COLEMAN from Tavare FL,you my sir, are a pussy and you’re garbage at basketball.

Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Your name is ANTHONY COLEMAN from Tavare FL,you my sir, are a pussy and you’re garbage at basketball.

I want to play basketball for the rest of my life

by robert
(concord, nc, USA)

Name:robert moore

Email: tripp1592@gmail.com

Website URL:http://www.facebook.com/tripp.moore

Street Address:




Country: United States

Sex: Male

Height: 6’1



sex: male

dob: 2/21/92

college or university played at: Pfeiffer University

no recent videos

my story: my name is Robert Moore and I walked on my college DII basketball team, I want nothing more than to improve my skills and become the best basketball player i can be, money is not an object to me and doesn’t matter, I just want to play basketball and become the best basketball player I can be and reach my maximum potential.

Evelyn Nchore’s Bio/Story..I just Need that one CHANCE TO PROVE I GOT GAME.

by Evelyn Nchore
(Grand Prairie,TX USA)

I am a Passionate Player

My name is: Evelyn Gekone Nchore
Gender: 100% Female
Current Height:5’8
Current Weight:223lbs
Position:Power Forward/any

Allow me to introduce myself again: My name is Evelyn Gekone Nchore and im 22 also I recently Graduated from North Texas Job Corps for Office Administration also the High School I went to was called: South Grand Prairie..I just know that it’s time to purse my basketball career full time..so please enjoy my basketball stroy below and contact me back if your interested in me and I am sorry that I dont have any video footage:0).

Objective: My Main goal is to be the best basketball player I can be

As well as make my teammates better and win as many championships

As we can, I am a very unselfish player and I love making plays

On and off the ball.

My Previous Basketball Experiences: All I can tell you is that I just remember trying out

All four years during High School ? but the most important tryout was my senior year of high school; I had a chance to prove to coach Ackock that I can play basketball so,

When I asked her did I make the team she said ?I?m sorry Evelyn

But you didn?t make it? so then I asked her well, how many points

Was I away from making the team??!!?! And she said ?four?. So what

That said to me was that I will not give up on my dreams. So now here is

My big chance to play for a university and make a name for myself on a

Team; But because I couldn?t afford to go I had to team up with a sponsor

From DARS and her name is (Ms. Carolina Rodriguez) now this is a

Rehabilitation Center in Arlington , TX off of Randal Mill Rd ,

I knew her from half of my junior year to my entire senior of high school?

So she placed me at this school in Arlington , TX ; and it

was called ( Tarrant County College )…now they had a basketball team for

Women but it was an instrumental 3on3 basketball team?.I was going to

Compete in that this year on Jan 18th, 2011 but because of the simple fact that

I wouldn?t have reliable transportation to my games, because they started

From 10am-12:30pm and also I signed up for my classes to late?.

Back in the day: I had to pay to play for the 8th grade summer basketball

league at Harold Jackson Middle School . They place me on the team

that was called (The Lady Sparks)?we won nearly every game

I didn?t start making baskets until my second to last basketball game

I scored two BIG three?s one of them where on the left hand side of the court

And the other one was straight down the middle and it was one of the most

Unexplainable shot you could have even imagine I couldn?t even believe it myself;

I guess I felt a certain type of energy that made that shot possible to

Land down an as the whole stadium was quiet just because they never saw

A shot like that in their life either I just thought of a name call the

?Jaw Dropper?.

In Conclusions: so, after all that?s said and done I thought myself how to play

Basketball when I was in the fifth grade at that time was 11 years old,

I am a great team player, I love making others better as well as myself.

I give my heart and soul into the game because it is very much so my

Overall passion/dream and all I want to do is just make it more than my

Reality because I know I will try my hardest to make it to pros because

Basketball isn?t a job to me it?s my career in what I need to do with my life;

So, I hope and pray you can find some interested in me on playing for whichever team.

also I hope to hear from you soon ?.

Sincerely, Evelyn Gekone Nchore

All I want to do is Play

by Ashley
(Kissimmee,FL,United States)

i am number 22 or the shorter one

Hi my name is Ashley.
I have been playing Basketball for seven years.
I am 5’3″ and I play a shooting Guard for all seven years. However in my last two years my coaches have tried me as a low post. Which was a bit challenging being im so short, but who does not love a good challenge?
I currently live in Kissimmee,Florida and i attend a community college with no team.
I am very passionate when it comes to playing basketball and no matter the score i never give up.

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May 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

hey do you have a facebook or myspace


by Ray Mitchell
(Hesperia, Ca, US)






http://www.omaha.com/article/20110418/MAVS/704189733/1087(Hesperia High ca, 92345 US)

High school career average is 17.2 points 9.8 rebounds and 1.2 assist per game

two time all 1st team league and area

two time dunk champ

MVP all-star game

top three in rebounds per game in history at Hesperia High School California

(barstow college/Chadron state college )

College Career average is 13.7 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game

two time 1st team all foothill conference

back to back dunk contest champ (college)

second team all Nebraska


by Alex Mallett
(San Jose, Ca, USA)

Im in class getting educated..

Alexander Mallett

2779 judkins ct.

san jose, ca





Male,( Afro-American)

September. 13, 1989

De Anza Jr. College, transferring to Morgan State in Fall 2010

I do not have any recent game video but i am willing to fly wherever i need to go to show you what i got.

I grew up in the Bay Area, California my whole life and I’ve played basketball since i was 4 years old in different leagues and tournaments. My primary position is the shooting gaurd or point gaurd. i played Jr. high, high School, and now Jr. college, im transferring from my Jr. College and will be attending Morgan State University. I haven’t earned a scholarship but i will be walking on this upcoming season. I Have the determination to work hard and continue doing so until i have reached SUCCESS. i hope someone read this and feels the passion i have for this game, all im looking for is a CHANCE to show people what i got.

I Want It So Bad!

by Alonzo Dilligard
(Sharon Hill,PA USA)

Alonzo Dilligard
5″9 180lbs.
76 Francis Ave Sharon Hill,PA 19079
I am a Pennsylvania native,never played fundamental basketball with an actual team, but im just trying to find anyway possible to achieve my goal, to be a pro basketball player, just need something or someone to get me there.I just want it so bad!

i want to play oveseas to get the experience

by kiera darling
(pflugerville texas )

I’m a 20yr old 5’9 post from Chicago but live in Texas. Im trying to live my dream of playing professional ball. I love defense.

I just wanna play ball

by Michael Anderson

Name Michael Anderson
Weight: 140
Shoe Size: 11
Position: Shooting Guard/Point Guard
Home Town: Alsen Heights
Favorite Court: Alsen Park
Favorite #: 11

“Under the Radar Point Guard”- I just need one opportunity!

by Royal Thomas
(Lagrange, Ga, USA)

Royal Thomas
Date of Birth: 10/18/1992
Citizenship: American
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 180
Position: 1, 2
Collegiate Team: Georgia College

Royal Thomas is VERY ATHLETIC! One of the fastest guards, from coast to coast, with the ball! He is a very aggressive point guard/combo guard in transition. He creates many turnovers by using his athleticism. Royal can guard multiple positions on the defensive end. On offense he is a very efficient player, who does not take bad shots. He is a player who continues to show growth each year on the court. He was 13th in the conference in scoring, 6th in the conference in steals, 8th in the conference in free throws made, and also 7th in the conference in Field Goal Percentage. Royal finished his career with 19 consecutive games in double figures.

2013/14 Georgia College 15.3 PPG
4.6 RPG
2.8 APG
1.5 SPG
54 FG%

highlight tape:

I want this more than anyone

by Derrin Sylve
(New Orleans La)

I am 6’0 a great 3pt and mid range shooter. I am also a good slasher and defender. My mind set is defense then offense and I’m trying to find somewhere to play basketball and make money


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