Here is the first of many articles to come on Modular Basketball. Written by Cavit Altunay.

Shooting is not a gift. All people can shoot.
Shooting the ball to the basket, is a simple motion of the arm.
As such, shooting thechnology is pure mathematicks, so, it must be easy to teach.

At one side we are trying to conquer the universe.
Isn’t it silly to wait for a handfull of gifted people to play basketball!

Every healthy person can play really good basketball and enjoy it.

On the other side!

The players who come yto our camp may not able to shoot correctely at the beginning, but they
will learn quickly where the mistakes are.

They will learn what to concentrate on. With our Modular Basketball DVD’s they will continue to
learn at home also.  The next year they will come again to our camp to complete the learning process
for shooting.

To shoot 50% is under guarantee for every anyone.
More than 60% is for more watchful people.
More than 80% Yes. For gifted people
But, I never had a player shooting below 50%.

I had 4 gifted players withen 60 years of coaching life. One of them is a Jewish fellow, Ralfi Mizrahi.
He is at Miami University now. During Summers he comes back home to continue shooting +90%
e-mail address for you: You can contact him. 6.4 90 Kg

An another boy 206 cm  and 100Kg named Batuhan. A perimeter player, he is +60% level.
Not only set shots, but off the dribble and catch and shoot as well.
A new one 205 cm and 114 Kg. Ahmet, born 1994. I hope he will be +210 cm.
I am preparing him for Power Foward position. He will be a Superstar for sure.

This camp is just the beginning of our group activity. I do hope you will come to Turkey for
the camp. You will see and will be astonished, why so simple techniques have not been found

Besides shooting technique, you will learn innovative techniques for receiving the ball,
footwork to evade the defence immediately. You will be very surprised at the results.
The reason is very powerfull NBA. Nobody has thought. They just listened to the NBA march
” But, why this shot go to the rim and the other did not.”
To conserve the market, they invented ” gifted players only can shot ” theory.

To create something new, is impossible for most people believing only what was told them.
Also, people only with high standard of education.

New, starts with revolution. Within some time, becomes normal and take a new name,Evolution.

Creator’s trigger is doubts.
With enough knowledge to compare the new and classic, evolution begins.

And If she/he has enough concentration power and patience and is so lucky to come across with a
futurist partner like Todd from Planet Hoops, it takes decades to make public something new.
This is the reason to have been so late, for the “easy to play basketball“.

With new ball handling techniques and +50% shooting, you all will receive basketball scholarships
if you come to our Camp with an open mind and work hard .

I first, remarked doubtful explications for the techniques used on basketball.
I was wondering about words used. All were adjectives. Good, Bad, etc, etc…
I am talking about 1950. Nothing has changed, but, we are changing. You will change too.

For, just an example: Shooting.

Ballistic is the starting point of the “Modular Basketball ”
If your ball leaves your hand with 30 degree arc, you will have a landing to the rim with 30 degrees.

Now imagine the ball is an eye.
The ball, on the way to the rim with 90 degree arc, the rim is a circle.

With 30 degree angle, the rim is not a circle. It is now, an ellipse with two different diameters.
The importance is ” the small diameter “.
If it is smaller than the ball’s diameter, you miss the shot.

3 point shooting percentage is 22% higher than 2 point percentage? Did you know that?
Discounting lay-ups, tips and dunk-inns from 2 point shots.

I know well enough to cure this illogicality.
You all will learn how to shoot greater than 50% from 2 to 6 meters.

Who will not accept a player creating his own positions with ball handling and shooting +50%?
You all have your scholarships and next season, I will come to watch you playing in NCAA.
(From Ball Handling we mean “dribble + footwork + passing” all together).

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Witten by Cavit Altunay
Founder and Creator of Modular Basketball

What can be reached using “Modular Basketball” within 48 trainings ( 4 weeks )
On Offence:

1 – 15 more offensive rebounts per game. Innovative.
2 – More higher percentage shooting. +50%
3 – Less Turnovers. Below 12/game.
4 – Increase of basket-fouls.
5 –More passes to posts. +50% more.
6 – Easy baskets, using Offensive leg of Transition. Innovative.
7 – The team will forget the danger of double-teamed up. Innovative.
Distance between perimeter players, is + 25 feet.

On Defence :

1 – Every team that tries to fast break. Our “Defensive Transition” prohibits it. Innovative.
2 – The system reduces drive attampts, limiting the playing area for penetration.
3 – Easy and efficient new type of boxing out. Innovative.
4 – A completely new look for post defence. Innovative.
5 – Absolute dominance on Defensive Rebounding. Innovative.
6 – An organised fast break. Impossible to stop it. Innovative.

Player development is planned according the needs of Modular Basketball.
You will see the players improvement, on every week’s tapes.
No other system can do that.
Because we devote 60% of the training time for Fundamentals that we need.
(Mostly innovative Fundamentals. Faster, more efficient and easy to teach than
classic techniques).

We devote 40% of the training time, for full court scrimmage played with our mentality.
We are aggressive on defence. We are also aggressive on offence.
Nobody can stop us.
We can penetrate any defence, when we desire..thanks to Our innovative footwork.

We guarantee, unexpected success to coaches using our Modular Basketball system.
Modular Basketball will dominate all throughout the world. It is fully scientific.

You may ask details.

Cavit Altunay