Are you a gambler? Do you play poker? Lotteries? Have you ever considered Online Sports betting.

What do you know about Online Sports Betting? I’ll tell you what…I didn’t know much but I just started doing some research about it. I am not a big gambler myself but it is actually a lot of fun to test out your knowledge of the game. There are so many factors in determine the outcome of a game but you don’t have to just pick the winner to win.

What type of bets can you place? Well, here is just a sample. I could not tell you what they all mean but Wikipedia probably could.

There are Proposition bets. Parlays. Teasers. If bets. Point spreads. Future wagers. Head to Head. Totalizers. Run Line, Goal Line or Puck Line bets. I saw in the Super Bowl last week you could even bet on the colour of the Gatorade to be thrown on the winning team’s coach!! Can you believe that?

If you want you can bet on hockey, football, baseball, soccer, boxing, horse racing, jai alai and I’m sure you can even bet on Camel racing if you want.

Since this is a Basketball site I’ll make this recommendation for some great NBA Basketball Betting Lines Make sure you check this out and also do your research and let google be your friend to find a quality bookmaker.

There are a million places online where you can do this. Make sure you use a reputable one and make sure it is legal.Most of these sites are legal but again do your research. You don’t want to be involved in any scandals.

Speaking of betting scandals it does happen. There have been scandals involving referees (NBA-Tim Doneghy), College Football and Basketball players with point shaving and the mafia has been connected to many of these situations.

Be smart, be safe and call me when you place your bets. See you in Vegas baby? Have a great day!!

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