PlayGineering Systems

PlayGineering Systems is a Sports Technology Company based out of Riga, Latvia. Planet Hoops is a proud dealer of their Systems in Canada and the United States.

PlayGineering has developed a unique multi-sport technology for real time player and ball tracking (without any physical tags) Analytics, Entertainment and Video Referee – all in one platform. Each of the specific product modules – Analytics, Entertainment and the Video Referee can be used separately or as a combined, All in One system. Their Video Referee systems have been widely used in several sports for over 7+ years. It has also been used in several local and international tournaments. As of last year, PlayGineering has been actively launching new products, such as, automated statistic & analytic data gathering and automated game filming.

Thanks to their module based technology, they can essentially improve many processes in each team sport. Currently, they are focused on basketball, handball, ice hockey and football. Other sports (volleyball, gymnastics) are at the top of their development’s pipeline. Their  player and ball tracking is able to recognize, crop and store up to 8 types of different statistics generated during a game – not only in a form of data, but also as a video stream.

All processes are fully automated, which do not require any human intervention. That gives coaches and players a chance to receive statistical results and in addition to that all of recognized moments as video examples from all angles the situation was captured immediately after the game. Such approach saves a lot of time and human resources, which, so far, have been dedicated to preparing video materials for coaches, highlights for TV etc. As of this year, PlayGineering plans to develop a way to generate even more types of statistics,  based on each sports specific requirements (for example, rebounds in basketball, different defense types in handball, etc.)

Another new feature PlayGineering offers is capturing the game footage from new angles . Top view, in-goal or goal line camera view gives totally new way in which spectators can see the game. It has already raised attention from many broadcasting companies that are working with sport content.

A picture is worth more than 1000 words, which is why we are embedding Video footage as well. View a promo video of PlayGineering here. Player, ball/puck and number tracking is the initial source for generating all information for analytic and statistics. Here’s how PlayGineering conducts tracking in ice hockeybasketball and handball.

These guys are so good and they have even developed simple a 3 static camera solutions for entertainment purposes. The system is fully automated, easy to install & it is a low budget solution that can be utilized for most sports. In the following links you can view how this solution works in handballice hockey and football.  PlayGineering is developing this project even more and they are proud that they have been able to conduct basketball filming even with a single static 4K resolution camera – the result you may view here.

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