Here is our Free Special Report on What to Expect when Playing Overseas Basketball.

1.Winning and Losing
When playing overseas as an import player, you will be expected to win games.Your play will directly influence the result of the game.You will be expected to score, rebound, block shots and playD. When you win you’ll get a pat on the back. When youlose, the players, fans and coaches will want to know why.Play well and win.

2.Transition Period
Depending upon which country you land, the basketball willbe different than what you know. It will take a bit of atransition period learning how your teamates play, therules, tempo, and how the game is referreed. It may take awhile before you find your groove with your new teamates.

3.Down time
Playing overseas Basketball may not be the most important event in the town where you play.Practices may be scheduled at night for two hours- fourdays a week, with one game on the weekend. This can be anenternity for players who like to play a lot. But a lot ofcountries only play once a week; twice if you’re lucky. Ifyou are winning it’s great, but if you lose, waiting for thenext game can be a long time.

Coaches, depending on where you play, can be good and experienced or lack the level of basketball education youpossess. If you’re lucky, you will get a coach that matchesyour playing skill and style. If not you may get a coachthat doesn’t see your skill level the same way you do. Getready it could be a long year of plsying overseas.

Teamates are interesting in that when you land on a team youwill be playing with a whole bunch of new players with newattitudes. Many players will have played all over andin different leagues. Some may not be able to communicatewith you as English may not be their first language. Thispresents an interesting challenge on the court, but some ofthe best players I have played with have not spoken English.

Some of the food you cherish will not be available in yourcountry of choice. Those creature comforts like nachos,pizza or your favourite beverage may not be available in yourcity. Think about not having your favourite food, thiscould happen. Don’t panic, you’ll adjust as there willbe plenty of substitutes where you end up playing.

7.Home Sweet Home
The club team will provide you with accommodation during youstay with the team. It may not be the place of your choicebut you will only be there for a year or two depending onyour contract. Make sure it’s something you like. It willbe a long season if you’re not comfortable in yoursurroundings. Washer/dryers, central heating, and acomfortable bed (especially if you are 6’6 or taller) aremust haves.

Get a good phone plan as you will be calling home a lot. Ifnot make sure you at least have internet in your place tocommunicate and email home. Skype is a great option. It’s a long ways away and you’ll want to stay in touch and provide updates while you are playing overseas.

9.Seasonal Breaks
Most seasons have breaks in the schedule especially duringthe holidays. You may want to negotiate tickets home overChristmas, if possible. Something to think about.

10.NBA and College Games
You are not in America anymore. NBA and College are not‘everywhere’ in the world. You may get snippets on TVbut double headers on Sunday may not be available where youplay. If you’re lucky you will be close to satellite tv whereyou can get your weekly basketball fix.

These are just some of things you can expect when you are playingoverseas in a foreigh country. If you have similar orinteresting stories about playing overseas please let us know at

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