The best and the brightest Professional Basketball Players and Coaches are waiting to hear from you to help you and teach you.

We welcome you to this exciting new concept in sports where the general public will be able to have access to the best professional basketball players and coaches in the world today.

This is only the beginning and we welcome all Professional Players and Coaches to sign up for this marvelous feature. You will be able to share your knowledge with fans, agents, players and anyone who wants to learn more about this great game of basketball.

We are offering this service free of charge at this early stage but in the future we will have to put a price tag on it in order to attract the best basketball coaches and players to our community.

If you are a person seeking to communicate with any specific basketball player or coach please fill out the following form so we may better serve you and we will do our best to put you in contact with that specific person.

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As time goes on we will have a list available of all players and coaches who have decided to work with us and you will simply have to click on a link and a message will be sent. What could be easier than that.

Thanks very much for your interest in Planet Hoops and in becoming the best you can be in the World of basketball.


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