SidelineSports Professional Sports software is aimed to help make you a better coach. It can give you the ability to put plays into video format, animated format or simple diagrams. It can store all your drills and also comes with pre-packaged new drills as well as video to go along with the drills. It makes putting together your practice plans on a daily basis effective and easy to store. Best of all it is extremely affordable.

Whether you are a beginning coach or a veteran coach this program will help you become much better at what you do. I can guarantee that if you take the time to watch the tutorials you will easily learn how to operate the XPS system.

Go to for your free trial offer. If after that time period you want to buy the program you can get a discount off the $115 price. You can get it for $89 by putting the code: HAM11 if you would like to order after your free trial offer.

Sideline Sports has a great support system to answer all your questions. Don’t wait and let your competition get ahead of you go now to now and check XPS NETWORK system.

If you are a fitness participant, athlete or a client of a therapist, sign up for your free trial here:
Sideline Sports Client

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Sideline Sports software

Once you enter the program and you are looking for the Basketball Animation and Diagramming tool just make sure to look for
the “Playbook” on the top Navigation bar.

Software features:

Create Practice Plans
Create Workouts
1500 multi media drills
1500 multimedia exercises
Practice and workout statistics
Connect to your coaches and players
Create your own drills
Create exercises
Playbook, scouting reports
Share playbook and other multimedia files with your players and coaches.
Take Attendance
Record test and general information

Official coaching software of FIBA:

GENEVA (Coaches) – The International Basketball Federation FIBA has signed an agreement with the professional sports software provider SIDELINESPORTS to become the FIBA official coaching software. This was announced by both parties today.   Sideline Sports has developed comprehensive computer software designed specifically to help coaches with organization, communication and analysis of their practice sessions and games.

The agreement foresees the delivery free of charge of the main product “Sideline Organizer Standard” to all FIBA approved coaches. In addition, every coach will receive a “Sideline Viewer”, a software where players can view instructional or feedback material, containing text, images, diagrams, animations and video. The “Sideline Viewer” will include video sequences from all the drills of the FIBA book “Basketball for Young Players”.

For a detailed description of all the features of the Sideline Sports products please go to

The FIBA approved coaches will receive the software package once they have registered with FIBA through their national federations. The registration process is regulated in the new FIBA Coaches Regulations, which can be downloaded here. The application form for FIBA approved coaches will be sent to the national federations soon.

“This agreement is a further step for FIBA in assisting the improvement of the coaching level worldwide”, said FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann. “Today’s players are increasingly ‘tech-savvy’. The school classroom is changing. Players expect to view teaching material in digital format. It may seem a giant leap, but the most important thing is that the material and media focus on the student rather than on the teacher.”

“We are very proud to partner up with the world governing body of basketball and its 212 member countries worldwide,” said Head of Development of Sideline Sports Bryniar Karl. “We are very confident that with our products we can contribute on large scale to the promotion and teaching of basketball at all levels. Our agreement will give access to state of the art educational material to a large number of coaches around the world. We combine the book, the video and the computer.”