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I guess you might be asking what the heck is a StatsPod?

What is StatsPod?

A cutting edge, portable voice activated statistics and code entry system. This next generation of statistics data entry uses voice recognition technology. Current stats and video systems are confined to keyboard, mouse or touch screen entry – all of which require the statistician to take their eyes off the game to enter events.

This product can be configured to work for any sport – team or individual – where you wish to log events during performance.

It is a world first and has the potential to revolutionise the way statistics and actions are recorded at sporting events.

How does it work?

Designed to operate in noisy, loud environments such as a basketball or football stadium or a swimming centre. Statistics are defined from a pre-set vocabulary relevant to your sport. Participant involvements, raw statistical events, set plays, strategic events – in fact you can make up you own codes if you wish !

PC based application that is designed to run on the latest ultra-portable computers and a version is scheduled for the new generation Pocket PC’s.

Using the latest in noise eliminating headset/microphones to minimise external noise, StatsPod allows for a high level of accuracy and an audio is optionally available for auditing and verification so there is no uncertainty.

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How can I use the data?

The data logged can be sent via cable or wirelessly transmitted to the StatsHost where all data can be automatically uploaded and audited for real-time database updating. Text and audio files of all voice entry can also be saved with the stats data for further analysis or review.

There is no real limit to the number of units that can be primed at a single even and all data can be consolidated by the StatsHost.

Alternatively StatsPod is also capable of operating in a remote, stand-alone mode and the data can be processed in a batch mode when the StatsPod and StatsHost are synchronized at a later time.

All data entered is timecoded to allow easy video referencing of the logged events with your digital video analysis system such as DV Coach – which is the most important aspect of the technology.

This technolgy will be a major boon for recruiting and forward scouting purposes as there is currently no convenient or efficient recording scouting information on the road, remotely.

System and Operational Requirements

Designed to be compact, reliable, convenient and relatively cost effective.

Module is totally portable, has extended battery life and operates wirelessly to transmit stats & codes to a location on the host system.

The Hardware

Fully portable, light and compact, Pocket pouch that can be easilyattached to belt

Ability to “dock” to host system wirelessly or via USB cable

Fast process to ensure audio logging is most efficient

USB Flash Card (Memory card) to store/backup audio files

Secure, reliable wireless operation for communication to host/server

Uses top quality noise eliminating microphones

Robust and waterproof to allow operation in extreme conditions

Able to operate effectively in extreme noisy environments, namely sporting stadiums

The Software

Client Module

Option to re-connect and post missed transactions

Integrated noise exclusion software

Integrated Speech to Text module

Create the Speech stats text file locally and/or in nominated host/server folder

Concurrent recording of the source audio for backup/future reference

Logged words and phrases recorded into the text file

On-line or off-line mode

Operational modes will be – Local, LAN or WAN

StatsHost – Server/Host Module

Windows XP Platform

Utility to import and update time coded transactions into main database, Keyword validation for limited text logging

All textual transactions and codes to have time code (date/time stamp)

StatsPod configuration utility

Ability to accept stats feeds from multiple devices

Back-end utilities to search for statistical keywords and update into the back-office database
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The StatsPod & StatsHost Process/Protocol

Observers would be located around the venue as required. Each observer would be equipped with a StatsPod and would have their designated events/statistics to record

Each statistician “commissions” the unit for use either locally or wirelessly connected to the StatsHost. Each unit will be allocated a unique Pod User id

StatsHost utility is initiated at a polling interval as required dependant on how often stats updating is required

On game commencement, each StatsPod would start audio recording, initiated by the statistician

As the game events occur, statistician commentates the event in a regimented fashion

The statistician’s audio is automatically recorded & the commentary is converted to text locally and validated

If the Unit is on-line, then converted text is then “posted” to the location on StatsHost server

If the Unit is off-line, then converted text is simply stored locally for future updating in batch mode.

The StatsHost systematically scans the StatsPod files for changes If there are any updates in the time coded text data, the StatsHost will validate and update the main database with the statistics

The final comment from the statistician should indicate end of game (eg. “End game”)

At any stage, as required, the StatsPod audio file may be opened or copied and a keyword search of the audio file may be performed

The re-import of StatsPod Audio events can be done at any stage in a batch if any unit has been off-line

StatsPod Website & Server Application

A secured website will optionally provide a cost-effective and central vehicle for the transmitted data in a secured process into a database. The StatsPod Client would post the textual results to the clients registered location on the website. Results may then downloaded by the registered client as required.

If preferable registered client may also be online to receive real-time stream of data.. An application management utility will allow clients to setup and maintain profiles, data, etc

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