“Planet Hoops Productions and have enabled our basketball program at St. George’s School to take video analysis to another level. Through editing specific game situations and presenting it in a format most conducive for teaching and instruction, Planet Hoops has aided our teams in game preparation and scouting our opponents.”

Additionally, Planet Hoops has produced highly professional highlight tapes that have been used in the recruiting process for our next level athletes. If you appreciate and understand the advantage of video analysis in sports, Planet Hoops Productions is the way to go!

Brian Lee

Head of Basketball
St. George’s School
Vancouver, British Columbia


Hello Todd!

How you’re doing? How are you?!

I am good! I am very good.. ;) Today we played first game this season with School Basketball team. Before the game I told myself that I’ll enjoy this enjoy, if I be free I’ll shoot, I do everything to win and enjoy it!

And guess what? I wasn’t at starting five, but after 2 minutes coach made sub. I started to play with lots of energy and good attitude. We played like brothers and won ~30 pts.

My stats: 23 pts., 3pts: 5/1, 2pts: 14/10. I didn’t think that Imissed 4 3pts shots, I didn’t think that I made mistake- I enjoyed the game. I win it in myself, I played how can I play.

Tomorrow- 2 games per day, 1st of school team, 2nd of men’s team. I can play well again… I can! And I’ll do it! I wrote this letter for you because I wanted to say, that when I played bad last week… You were right after my bad game. It’s onlyone game and it doesn’t show anything.

You can’t believe how good is to play with friends. Now I am playing in higher level, because I play with older guys. It’s better for me because the level of the game basketball is higher than it was last season (you saw one game).

Now it’s harder to move to the basket any time I want to ;)

Have a good day, sorry I wasted your time.

Best wishes for coach by Lukas.
Lukas Grabauskas (age 17 from Lithuania).

“I am inspired to write and tell you how much everyone on our team is enjoying the multi-media DVD that you have provided to our team, Vancouver’s Zen Masterz Basketball Club.

In re-creating our gold medal performance at the World Masters Games, it provides every team member a vivid and lasting memory of one of the best experiences of our lives. It also helps reinforce the notion that, as with every team, there is the potential to be greater than the sum of the parts considering 7 Old Schoolers from the west coast were able to beat a full squad of ex-NBA and Division I professionals and grab what we felt was ours: the title of “Best Men’s Adult Basketball Team in the World” (at least until 2009 when the title will be up for grabs in Sydney).

Todd, on behalf of the Zen Masterz, thank you so much for this DVD experience. It is something that will stay with us all for life. It is obvious, from the quality of product to the attention of detail behind it, just how passionate everyone there at Planet Hoops is about basketball.

I wish you and your company all the best in the future and if you ever need to reach a satisfied customer please feel free to do so.”

– Healthy Regards,
Eric Kristiansen BPE
Regional Sales Manager
Technogym USA Corporation

“Despite limited photos / video on hand (on our part), Planet Hoops did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of our annual event. We are thrilled with the work they did”

– Howard Kelsey
Puerto Vallarta International Sports Classic

“During Scott’s Grade 11 basketball season at Handsworth, we did what a lot of parents do – we took our video camera to most of Scott’s games and took as much footage as possible. We packaged these up for Todd Kozinka and Planet Hoops, along with a number of still photos and what they were able to do with this was great.

Todd created an amazing highlight DVD, which opened up with a collage of stills with background music, followed by a series of short highlight clips and concluded with four full quarters of play. Scott sent this package to a number of west coast US colleges and to many Canadian universities.

The invariable response was that the DVD was great and very professionally put together. Scott was fortunate to land a scholarship with the University of Alberta with Coach Don Horwood and we are most grateful to Todd for all his support in Scott’s endeavour to further his basketball and academic career.”

– Digby Leigh
Parent and Vice President of Basketball Canada